The exhibition was opened by Marin Šantić, prof. with the musical atmosphere of Valerija Kličinović.

Author’s review:

From the very beginning of active painting, I asked the question, what does it mean and represent to me? In addition to the already established answers, many will say: a feeling of happiness, joy and fulfillment. For me, there is one honest answer: realization of a life dream – doing what I love, uncompromisingly following the inner voice.

In this new cycle of paintings, my inspiration lies in exploring the possibilities of colors, lines, surfaces and compositions based on a small part of a square, street or sidewalk, a linear perspective on which a girl with a dog walks relaxed. It is symphonically left to flashes of color, sometimes clean surfaces, encountering altered structures of Dalmatian architecture. The female figure, which represents the imagination, leaves the impression of the impossibility of finding her real world, and remains permanently in the walk of her beautiful surroundings.

Ivo Kličinović, academic painter