Exhibition “Stinje – Rocks”, 24.7.2021. chapel st. Ante in Postira

STOJI STINJA Stoji stinja,niti mrnje,niti romonji.Ničemu se ne čudi, nonki ne govori.Za vike je hlodna,kal mroz je ogrne,a tepla kal na suncu progori.Stoji stinja, nit’ vamo, nit’ namo, gori oli doli,Nikome je lipa,a nikome grubo,Kogod je mrzi, a kodgod voli.Stoji...

Exhibition opening “A walk through a dream”, 24.8.2019. Hotel Pastura, Postira

The exhibition was opened by Marin Šantić, prof. with the musical atmosphere of Valerija Kličinović. Author's review: From the very beginning of active painting, I asked the question, what does it mean and represent to me? In addition to the already established...

“The brush stroke reflects the need for something more meaningful …”

Ivo Kličinović

Ivo Kličinović

academic painter

  • Born 13.05. In 1972 in Split, where he was educated and lived until he was 26. He moved to Postira on the island of Brač, where his family came from. Graduated from the Arthouse Academy of Fine Arts – College for Visual Arts in Ljubljana in the class of Mladen Jernejac, doc. mag. Since the age of 16, he has been actively playing bass guitar with a special interest in blues and jazz and has been lucky enough to play with some of the best Croatian musicians. He has had a strong interest in painting all his life but has been actively involved in it for the past 5 years. Ivo has exhibited in a dozen solo and one group exhibition, where he won the first prize. He lives with his family in Postira and works at the Pučišća Elementary School as an art therapist in a special department with children on the autism spectrum.